TJCTF2020 - Gym

Posted on mar. 02 juin 2020 in CTF • Tagged with hack, learn, ctf, tjctf, 2020, reversing, re, ida, ghidra, c, asm

solves : 382

Points: 20

Written by agcdragon

Aneesh wants to acquire a summer bod for beach week, but time is running out. Can you help him create a plan to attain his goal?

nc 8008


We have a small game. The goal is to loose 31 …

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RTCP - ghost-in-the-system

Posted on sam. 25 janvier 2020 in CTF • Tagged with hack, learn, ctf, rtcp, rice, tea, cat, panda, reverse, python, script, ghidra, IDA

solves : 138

Point : 1500

I think my ls is being haunted... the colors are all weird!!! What's that? It's highlighting things?! Where!!?

Hint: Flag is 100 characters long. It starts with rtcp{ and ends with }. The first character is w
Hint 2: The flag is written in standard …

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