TJCTF2020 - Rap God

Posted on mar. 02 juin 2020 in CTF

solves : 172

Points: 40

Written by rj9

My rapper friend Big Y sent me his latest track but something sounded a little off about it. Help me find out if he was trying to tell me something with it. Submit your answer as tjctf{message}

Audio file

We start to open the audio file. The classic view doesn't show anything but the spectrogramm one shows up something much better:


We have some strange symboles mixup witht the audio. They remember me a old font I was using kid with Word: wingdings. They are fonts only composed with symboles.

I don't want to install Word and the font again, so let's try to find a tool online who can decode it. I foudn this one:

We can input the symbol by click on them. And the flag appears: tjctf{QUICKSONIC}.