TJCTF2020 - Is This Crypto?

Posted on mar. 02 juin 2020 in CTF

solves : 123

Points: 50

Written by KyleForkBomb

Is this crypto?

Hint: The message is entirely printable characters 


We have a file with strange text inside:


We don't have any clue about this file and cipher used. CyberChef maybe can do some magic:


Oh! And it detects XOR. Let's select it and try to decode the file. CyberChef gives us the clear text back:

Cryptography is a discipline that has been around for quite a long time, but in recent times it has seen an explosion of research and implementation. This discipline seeks to provide secure communication and shared data storage using public key cryptography, which essentially reduces the damage that can be done through encryption.


The Data Centre Standard for Confidentiality and Integrity states that a computer system must not contain any information that cannot be provided at the time of requesting it. The purpose of this standard is to ensure that no data from a connected computer system can be accessed by an unauthorised party. This would allow users to protect their data and make their personal information secure, which is more important than ever.