RTCP - Work In Progress

Posted on sam. 25 janvier 2020 in CTF

solves : 138

Point : 400

I was asked to beta-test this game, but it's so incomplete, it's kind of doesn't even have a goal... The developer said there's a flag, though, so I guess I'll just leave you to it!

Hint: Have you ever played Skyrim? Well, you don't need a horse for this one.

Not like Tea Clicker, we can't get the flag using some tools to inspect the RAM. We need to find a way in the game.

If you go right, you will have some monsters to fight. But, they can't die. When the live gouge is empty, it will be start to fill it every hit. So, definitely not the good way.


So, let's close and open again the game and go to the left. We face a huge wall.


You can climb it with using jump and left key.


When you reach the top, let you down until the flag shows up on the right upper corner:


The flag is so: rtcp{Th3_qu1ck_br0WN_^dv3nturEr_jump$_0v3r_ThE_l^zy_cL1ff}.